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If you already applied to Melrose for the 2024-2025 school year and been accepted...

Please submit your enrollment documents before May 15th.  If you need more time please let our office know.  If you are no longer planning on attending Melrose please let us know as soon as possible.

If you applied to Melrose and are on the waiting list...

If and when a space opens up we will immediately call/e-mail the next person on the waiting list.  Please note that there will be more spaces available in grades 3-5 than in grades K-2 due to class size and numbers of applications.  In general grades 1-3 are the hardest grades to get into.    

If you have not applied and are interested in attending for the 2024-2025 school year...

You should fill out a late application immediately as spaces will be filled in the order that applications are received.  Please note that we will have more spaces in grades 3-5 than in grades K-2.

If you have not applied and are interested in attending for the 2025-2026 school year...

You should apply between October and November for the best chance of getting a space.  Late applications are placed at the bottom of the waiting list.  

Do you offer school tours for potential incoming parents...

Yes, we offer tours in October and November for the following year.  

How to Apply

  • Attend a school tour in October/November prior to the application deadline.  Tours are not offered at any other time.
  • Apply through the LAUSD Choices Website. The application deadline is mid-November for the following school year.
  • Most spaces open in kindergarten and fourth grade.
  • Late applications are accepted but they are placed at the bottom of our waiting list which is typically over five hundred students. 
  • See the Magnet School FAQ for answers to additional questions.  
  • Acceptance letters are sent in mid-March.  
  • We continue to accept students from the waiting list as spaces open until school begins in mid-August. 


How to Enroll

Once you have been accepted through the magnet enrollment process please visit our main office to pickup an enrollment packet.  If your child has never attended an LAUSD school before.  You may be able to submit almost all of the enrollment documents online at LAUSD Enrollment Web Site.  However, you will still need to visit our main office to pick-up forms for your child's doctor to fill out.  

The web site will ask you to upload the following documents:

  1. Proof of Residence (copy of one of the following)
    1. Utility service contract, bills or payment receipts (Gas, Water, or Electricity)
    2. Property taxes, rental or lease agreement, current rental receipt with address of property on receipt
    3. Official government mail (CalWORKS, Social Security, Medi-Cal)
    4. Current pay stub
    5. Voter Registration
  2. Proof of Age of Minor (copy of one of the following)
    1. Birth certificate
    2. Baptismal certificate
    3. Court order
    4. Health office/vital statistics record of birth certificate date
    5. Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) letter verifying birthdate and an explanation of how this was verified
  3. Parent/Guardian Identification
    1. Adult’s government-issued photo identification (Driver’s license or DMV identification card)
  4. Proof of Immunization
    1. See Parents' Guide to immunizations for details

If you are unable to submit your documents electronically please contact our main office by telephone (323) 938-6278 to make an appointment for enrollment processing. 


  • Stacy Bertuccelli, Magnet Coordinator: (323) 938-6275
  • Mathew Needleman, Principal