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Arts at Melrose

Art is taught in the regular classroom embedded into STEAM subjects.  In addition, students receive the following specialized classes and instruction.  

Moviemaking at Melrose

Students in second and third grade work with moviemaking teacher, Mr. Frank.  All students participate in schoolwide challenges.  See some sample projects here.  


All students go to weekly dance class with teacher, Toby Smith. 5th grade students participate in ballroom dance lessons and compete in Ballroom Dancing Competition where they are consistently finalists.  In addition, third and fourth grade students have received dancing lessons from Inner City Arts.  Every Friday students participate in Fun Fridays and dance on the playground.  

Vocal Music

Melrose has a choral music program led by Aimee Hopkins.  Ms. Hopkins supports all classrooms in learning multicultural songs in preparation for the winter performance.  

Instrumental Music

Students play a variety of percussion instruments, glockenspiels, autoharps, triangles, bells, and recorders.

Visual Arts

Students receive specialized classes in visual arts including painting and drawing.  The campus of Melrose Elementary features murals painted by well known Los Angeles street artists.  

Performing Arts

Through our focus on creating multimedia, students have opportunity to perform in front of the camera and on stage.  Through Young Storytellers, students have the opportunity to work with working actors to write the script of a play that tells their own story.    

One of LAUSD's Best Arts Programs

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Melrose Avenue Elementary was ranked 15 out of 507 schools in LAUSD by the LA Times and the LA Times in terms of the availability and quality of our arts program.  And the LA Times didn't even include many of our arts programs in their ranking.  Read about our ranking here.  

Melrose Students Win Art Contest

Melrose Elementary students took their art to the neighborhood and were given the chance to work with well-known street artists to paint over one of the city's electrical boxes.  

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